Chiropractors for Back Pain

Lower back pain is a condition that affects 80% of the world’s population. That is a massive amount of people that are living their lives in pain every day. How does lower back pain suddenly burden itself on people? Well, it does not happen overnight. Backache is something that builds up over time and chances are you don’t even know you’ve got it until you’re laid up in bed in agony.

What causes lower back pain?  The majority of lower back pain cases can be traced back to an instance earlier in your lifetime. It may have been an injury you sustained that was not properly treated, muscle strain, overuse or ligament damage. Obviously there are more diagnoses but these are the most common and easiest to treat without surgery. If this is the case, there’s absolutely no point in going to your doctor or GP because all they will do is prescribe you pain killers or anti-inflammatory. If you really want to cure lower back pain, you need to put the work in doing exercises, physiotherapy or pay a chiropractor to work you back into shape. For those of you who aren’t keen on spending a small fortune on a chiropractor, you are in luck! There are other methods, exercises and stretches that are available to you which will help you cure lower back pain. If you keep your back in good condition, you won’t get a sore back later on in life. Exercises and common sense are the best prevention.

What can I do to prevent back pain?  Most low back pain can get better if you stay active. Avoid placing yourself in situations that will aggravate your pain. Don’t twist unnecessarily when doing chores or housework. When you are no longer in severe pain, you should be strengthening the stomach, back and legs. Exercises will help you recover faster and give you relief at the same time. They also prevent permanent damage later in life. Exercises are not complicated and can be done at home. Start off with light exercises, these will probably be painful but will ease as the days go by. Gradually increase your activity level, don’t stay at the same pace or you not recover and it could do more harm than good.

Chiropractors Chronicles

Chiropractors are the largest doctored profession outside of the traditional medical practitioners such as traditional doctors and dentists. Some people regard chiropractic therapy as alternative medicine, however it is quite popular and chiropractors generally do not agree with the therapy being termed as alternative medicine. The most common problems addressed by the therapy involve the spine and in particular deal with the back and the neck. Lower back pain is the most often treated complaint. The therapy is largely manual and is therefore drug free. The side effects are minor and usually related to the manual adjustments which last on an average for a day. Surveys show that satisfaction levels for patients treated with chiropractic therapy are high. They are higher than those for traditional medicine. Also the average rapport between a patient and a chiropractic doctor is more than an average rapport between a traditional doctor and the patient. This is probably because chiropractic therapy aims to be holistic and a good rapport with the patient is considered important.

The cost of chiropractic care is usually lower than the cost for traditional medical care. However medical insurance does not always cover chiropractic therapy. There are not many high quality studies evaluating chiropractic therapy though for lower back pain its effectiveness is considered to be very good. For other benefits critics of chiropractic therapy say that it benefits from what is known as a “placebo response,” where a patient starts to feel better just by the knowledge that the patient is being treated.

Being drug free, it is generally regarded as a safe therapy though like other medical practices it is not entirely devoid of risk. In some cases the manual adjustments if not done correctly can lead to complications. Another issue with the therapy is that unlike traditional medical practitioners honesty amongst chiropractors is considered to be lower than that for other doctored professions. Therefore it is important to find a good chiropractor and verify the credentials well before committing yourself to a treatment using the therapy.